Cassia Sticks

Cassia Sticks are widely used as a flavoring agent in different varieties of cuisines. We share glorious credentials in the list of reputed Importers, Exporters and Suppliers of Cassia Sticks from Delhi, India. The Cassia Sticks that we offer are darker, thicker and coarser. Our Cassia Sticks can be used as whole and in powder form also.

Health Benefits :
Both types of cinnamon have health benefits, including the following :

  • Diabetes : Recent studies have found that cinnamon may help control blood sugar levels. In 2003, for example, Diabetes Care found that people with type 2 diabetes who took 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon reduced their fasting blood glucose levels by 1829 percent, and also reduced triglycerides by 2330 percent. It also reduced LDL cholesterol by 727 percent, and total cholesterol by 1226 percent.
  • Alzheimers Disease : According to a 2009 study, extracts of Ceylon cinnamon inhibited the formation of the proteins and filaments that are the hallmark of Alzheimers disease. Researchers isolated a certain flavonoid (proanthocyanidin) from the cinnamon and determined it had the majority if the inhibitory properties.
  • Cancer : One animal study found that a particular component in cinnamon impaired the proliferation of cancer cells and slowed tumor growth. A second study published in 2010 also found that cinnamon extracts were directly linked with anti-tumor effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory : A study from South Korea found that compounds from cassia cinnamon had promise as an anti-inflammatory agent, with potential in treating dyspepsia, gastritis, and inflammatory diseases.
  • Anti-microbial : Several studies have indicated that cinnamon has the ability to fight off bacteria. One published in 2007, for example, found that even low concentrations boosted the activity of antibiotic clindamycin. Study authors wrote that the results suggested that cinnamon could be used in combination therapy against certain stubborn strains of bacterial infections.


Sanskrit name Vyadhighata
Latin name Cassia fistula Linn Pennel
Family Indian Laburnum
Common Name Indian laburnum
Telugu Name Rela
Flowering April - May.
Height 8 to 12 feet

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