Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is widely used as a flavoring agent in both savory and sweet dishes. It is known for its high nutritional and medicinal benefits. We are one of the pioneering Exporters, Importers and Suppliers of Green Cardamom from Delhi, India. The Green Cardamom that we offer is sourced from the reputed vendors of the market. Our Green Cardamom is highly popular among customers due to its natural flavor, aroma and taste.

Health Benefits :

  • Digestion : Cardamom is related to ginger and can be used in much the same way to counteract digestive problems. Use it to combat nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, and much more.
  • Detoxify : This spice helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys. Halitosis â�� In India they chew cardamom after meals or whenever they need to freshen their breath.
  • Diuretic : Part of the reason cardamom is such a good detoxifier is thanks to the diuretic properties. It helps clean out the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys, removing waste, salt, excess water, toxins, and combating infections too.
  • Depression : The science behind the antidepressant qualities of cardamom hasnâ��t been studied yet, but Ayurvedic medicine swears by the tea as a means to fight depression.
  • Oral Health : Apart from helping with bad breath, cardamom is used for mouth ulcers and infections of the mouth and throat.
  • Cold and Flu : This pungent spice may help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms. Itâ��s also used for bronchitis and coughs.
  • Cancer : Animal studies are showing promise that cardamom protects against, inhibits growth, and even kills some cancers.
  • Blood Pressure : As a diuretic and fiber rich spice, cardamom significantly lowers blood pressure.
  • Blood Clots : Cardamom prevents dangerous blood clots by preventing platelet aggregation and the sticking to the artery walls.
  • Antioxidant : Many of the vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential oils in cardamom act as antioxidants, cleaning up free radicals and resisting cellular agin
  • Pathogens : The volatile essential oils in cardamom inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold.
  • Anti-inflammatory : Like ginger and turmeric, its relatives, cardamom has some anti-inflammatory properties that limit pain and swelling, especially in mucus membranes, the mouth, and throat.
  • Hiccups : Cardamom is an anti-spasmodic that can help get rid of hiccups.


Type Black Cardamom
Shape Oval, Round
Style Dried
Certification ISO 22000
Color Green
Processing Type Natural
Feature Gluten Free, Organic
Form Solid
Uses Cosmetic, Edible, Medical

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